6 tips to market your brand during COVID-19

KFC recently shared a creative social distancing campaign on Instagram during promoting chicken.

The Instagram post is: “KFC is committed to providing delicious, home-style meals for your family.

Our drive-thrus are open and we’ll continue to offer order-ahead and free contactless delivery on

KFC uses a smart idea to engage with their customers on social media through infographic for promoting their drive-thru and free delivery services and their way to consider safety factors to avoid the virus.

so, in this article we will show how to achieve this and what things your posts must include?

1- Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are a great way to maximize your reach on social media, so if you use relevant hashtags in your posts, this will extend your reach and represent your brand in a reliable light, some examples of these hashtags:

#Stop_The_Spread, #COVID19, #JOMO, #FOMO, #Social_Distancing, #Coronavirus and so on.

2- Ask your customers:

Questions are the best way to make your customers interact with your post and by this way you orient them to answer the questions in the comments.

on the other hand, these questions increase the engagement with your customers some of these questions like: "what is the first thing you will do once stay at home

orders are lifted?"

3- Thank:

Always thank helpful workers, do you notice google doodles in these days? In these days google doodles are a message of thanks for all people who are working to keep us all safe right now.

like: "Thank You: Custodial and sanitation workers, Thank You: Doctors, nurses, and medical workers.

so, you can also use this idea and thank those great people in your posts".

4- Make your post positive:

Most people are afraid of the virus outbreak, so try to be positive in your posts to reassure and encourage your customers through positive quotes, for example:

quotes are a best idea to have a lot of likes and shares.

positive quote like: "You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength". —Marcus Aurelius.

5- Memes:

Using humor in your posts without offending anyone, like this sentence:

"9:00 pm is the proper time to remove your day pajamas and put on your night pajamas"

6- Useful information:

Not to share your personal opinions instead share a useful information about the pandemic(coronavirus), information to help people stay healthy and to improve

their lives.


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